Rattles are important toys that every baby should have at least one, as they stimulate their senses such as sight, hearing and touch. By picking it up and shaking it, the rattle helps to improve the baby’s psycho-motor coordination. Furthermore, our rattles can be used as teether toys which help the baby to calm the pain of teething.

At age 3-6 months babies are able to grasp toys and love baby rattles that make noise. Rattles can also be used when they are just born, to help them stimulate sight and hearing. For this reason, we recommend our rattles already from the first days of the baby’s life and they can also be used up to 2 – 3 years of age.

Our rattle teether toys are completely made with natural materials, without the use of chemicals and do not contain any small pieces that can be swallowed by the baby. We do not use plastic and treated materials. Our teether toys alleviate the pain of the first teeth without causing any damage to the gums and teeth.

With our rattles, babies can discover different touches, colors and sounds. They help the baby to improve his psycho-motor skills and also stimulate his imagination. You can read our blog “Childish Imagination”

We want to protect the environment, encouraging and teaching its respect to our little ones. Encouraging recycling, the use of recycled and untreated materials, such as 100% natural cotton, will ensure that your baby is more empathetic towards the environment and will help improve our planet now contaminated by plastic.

It’s a great way to introduce something they don’t normally have at home. The animal world is very vast and, in this way, they can begin to know it. We want to foster respect for animals as they normally live-in harmony with each other.


Our toys are made of sustainable and ecological materials. They are crocheted using the Japanese stitch technique called amigurumi, also known as crochet. All handmade. The maple wood is natural and untreated, no paint, no resin and totally safe for the little ones.

Yes, in fact it takes a long time to make them. They are all handmade and for this reason every single product can be considered exclusive. Being handmade, we put all our passion into making them to offer quality products that will make our little ones happy.


Our products must be hand washed with cold or lukewarm water, using baby soap. Avoid storing them in humid places.


All our products have the CE certificate of the European Union and have also passed the following quality tests: EN71-1:2014 + A1:2018 Mechanical and Physical Properties ed EN71-2:2011 + A12014 Flammability.

None of the products in our collection contain PVC, BPA and other chemicals.

Yes, all our products are completely made by hand and being artisans, it is normal that there are small differences. This makes each product unique and exclusive.

We are aware of the waste of materials that our society uses and for this reason Piccolitoys has decided to avoid waste and above all to avoid the use of plastic to wrap our products. We do not need to wrap our rattles as they can and should be cleaned before the first use. Our cardboards are 100% recycled and recyclable.