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Elio is a biting rattle in the shape of a giraffe which will become your baby’s best friend. It serves to stimulate the senses while relieving pain from teething. It is woven entirely by hand using the Japanese knitting technique “Amigurumi”. Each piece is unique and that makes it special. The materials used are 100% natural and untreated, being completely safe for the little ones. It contains a bell in its inside. Can you resist?

Facts about giraffe:

Despite their size they can run more than 50 km per hour. Not surprisingly, the word giraffe comes from the Arabic zarafa which means “fast walker”, because the wingspan of its legs allows it to take long strides. So not only do they run fast, but their normal walking pace in itself is already a race.

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  • Rattleteethertoy and collector’s item.
  • Stimulates the baby’s senses.
  • It has a bell inside.
  • As each piece is unique, the products may have variations in shape.
  • Fabric with 100% natural cotton and filled with recycled and recyclable polyester following the Japanese style “Amigurumi”.
  • The ring is made of organic and untreated maple. Easy to grip.
  • Totally hygienic and bacteria-free. Free of PVC, BPA and any other chemical product.
  • The product complies with international regulations for children’s products.
  • From 0 months.


  • Always clean the toy by hand. Do not sterilize.
  • Keep the toy in a dry place. Being left in a humid place for long periods of time can cause mold.
  • Our toys are handmade, so small imperfections are normal and make them something special. Each product is unique.

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